Unlimited Experiences

Virtual reality lets you explore and experience things you never thought were possible.

 VR is not just games, though those are fun, but you can:
- Check out the International Space Station
- Ride roller coasters
- Box zombies
- Shoot zombies
- Learn about the ocean - so close up you'll hold your breath
- Be inside a music video
- Fly inside of a Lancaster bomber on a bombing run
- ??? more content being added all the time  


Full 4D Experience

Paired with our rumble seats, we offer a more realistic experience than most VR studios. You will not only see a different world, you will also feel it. You will feel the rumble of a roller coaster or the vibrations of the Lancaster as it rolls down the runway.   


Watching is half the fun

Both of our stations are paired with a 65" monitor so the rest of your group can follow along with what you are experiencing.